The Republic of Zaqistan is located in the New Foundland Evaporation Basin of the The Great Salt Lake in the Great Basin Region of North America.

Official Name: Republic of Zaqistan

Capital: Zaqopolis


Flag: a gold giant squid on a field of red

Seal: Cog representing progress in a rising sun, representing the dawn of a new era, surrounded by a giant squid representing the mystery and the might of Zaqistan

First Expedition entered Zaqistan: August 31st, 2005 8:55am ZST

Independence Declared: November 19th, 2005 10:57pm ZST

National Independence Day: November 19

Main Imports: Water

Main Exports: Conceptual art

Natural Resources: Desert brush, Sand

Nationality: noun-Zaqistani

                   adjective- Zaqistani

National Animal: Giant Squid

National Motto: Quispiam Ex Nusquam

Something From Nothing

Anthem: Zaqistan (composed and performed by Mikey Freedom Hart)

Climate: Zaqistan is high desert. The during the day the sun is hot and intense, the nights are generally cool. The air is dry and moisture is minimal. Zaqistan is far from any water source so as of now all water must be imported.

Flora and Fauna: Lizards, small snakes and jackrabbits occasionaly dart about. Some nights coyotes howls can be heard from Zaqistan. The landscape is not totally barren as there is an abundance of desert brush. Much of the vegetation is rooted in cryptobiotic soil which makes the land fragile.


Zaqistan is extremely remote. It is fifty miles from any gas station, 15-20 miles on a dirt roads from the highway and then several miles over rough 4x4 track or a few miles hiking though the desert after that.