The Origin of the Republic of Zaqistan

In 2005, Zaq Landsberg purchased the two acres that now form Zaqistan off of the online auction site, ebay. Landsberg exchanged $610 for the land. Landsberg deemed it necessary to own a piece of the American West before it is all gone.

In August 2005, upon arriving at the future site of Zaqistan, Landsberg summitted and triumphantly planted a flag atop Mt. Insurmountable.


Landsberg plants the flag atop Mt. Insurmountable, filmed by Jake Davidsonc

Zaq Landsberg and several dozen new Zaqistani citizens declared independence from the United States on the 19th day of November, 2005.

In 2006 Zaqistanis placed the three robotic sentinels along Zaqistan's borders.

In 2009 Zaqistanis erected a Victory Arch, to commemorate future victories.

2010 saw the building of the customs booth/immigration station, the erection of the flag pole, The Welcome to Zaqistan Sign as well as signage all around the nation.


The nation built a commemorative monument to the 10th year of Zaqistani Independence in 2015.

Nothing in Zaqistan could have been accomplished without the tireless dedication of its citizens. Building the nation in such a harsh and unforgiving environment is a perpetual challenge, and the successes of the nation are because of their efforts.